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Image by Priscilla Du Preez

About Aroha House

Our Organization

We are Aroha House. The core of what we do here is about Love. One love in unity. We understand that everyone that comes through to Aroha House has a story, and we do our best to provide a space where their story will be heard without judgement and shame. Our aim is to make our whanau feel like Aroha House is home, while they find their forever home. The whanau that come through are connected to the various organisations we closely work with to facilitate healing. We spend time with the whanau and get to know them as the beautiful people they are and not the situations they’ve found themselves in. This is the core of who we are. Doing the best to help our vulnerable whanau out in the community and allowing them to rest, recharge and restart their lives so that they thrive.

Our Mission

The mission of Aroha House is to be a place in the community that provides accommodation with an emphasis on rehabilitation of vulnerable people who need a safe environment and are wanting to make some lifestyle changes, learn how to grow into the best versions of themselves through various holistic modalities and being able to successfully reintegrate into their communities with a sense of healing and purpose.

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